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Our Mission

Our mission is to significantly reduce the amount of recyclables that go into the landfill each and every day.

Our Solutions

We educate the public about the importance of recycling and the wide range of items that can be recycled. We then make it convenient for you to recycle any unwanted items you may have.

Our Services

We offer a pick up service for the plateau area, starting at $70 for Enumclaw residents. Click learn more to see what items can be recycled.

the use again store something for everyone

Drop off your unwanted items at the Use Again Store and browse our large collection of awesome items at great prices!


As a child, I truly enjoyed helping my dad recycle anything and everything my family no longer needed.  My dad taught me that most products could be separated and the parts could be reused for other reasons.  I also learned the importance of recycling instead of sending everything straight to the garbage (which eventually ends up in a landfill).


I started Enumclaw Recyclers in 2010 with the encouragement and enthusiasm of my family and friends.  We are a family owned and operated company.  My sons, Cass and Bryce, help collect items and break them down.  Together we make sure things get where they belong!

- Kurt Mattioda, Founder & Owner of the Enumclaw Recyclers

What Our Customers Say

“Great day @ Enumclaw Recyclers! Stopped in to get a refrigerator (but too big for my space), but left with $110 worth of goods: gardening tools, games, books & CDs, electric lighting, and 2 cool solid wood cornered wall sconces! Bryce, Jesse, and grandparents were super helpful. Great items can be found once you look around, and around... circle back around a few times once you're in there!"

“Such a funky fun place to come explore, never knowing what you will find is half the adventure, the other most wonderful thing is how well priced merchandise is....will NOT shop other second hand stores any longer because of their jacked up prices.....keep up the great service!”

“Great store for anyone to check out!!! Treasures are waiting for you!!!”

“The people are really nice and had a surprisingly large selection of really cool stuff!”

“They stopped by and picked up my junk for a fraction of what I was quoted by another company!"

Gift Cards

Need the perfect gift? The Use Again Store gift cards are now available for purchase. Inquire in store and grab one for that special thrifty someone!

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